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Changelog Latest Release: Version 2.13

Major New Features

  • Seating Configurer
  • Hubs and Focus Airports

Minor New Features

  • Improved terminal construction
  • New second hand aircraft will be added each month
  • You can now upgrade your airline license
  • Added a refresh to some pages
  • Added airliner history
  • Added leasing periods
  • The game now shows the next season start and deadline if you hover over the date
  • Added notifications for the season start and deadline
  • Airliners are now grouped by airliner family in the airliner scheduler
  • You can now choose your own homebase at the start of the game


  • AI can no longer buy airliners not yet invented
  • Fixed issue with replacing of airliners on via routes
  • Fixed issue with subsequent days for flights over 12 hours
  • Airports with cargo demand now have cargo terminals
  • Fixed issue with scenarios
  • You can no longer fly routes longer than the airliner's range
  • New terminals now also generate new slots


  • New Airliner Images
  • Added new scenario: 'Aftermath of 9/11'
  • Updated cargo capacity on airliners
  • Added new leasing companies

Confirmed Features Version 2.14

Major New Features

  • New country system to improve the simulation of changing borders
  • Country relations
  • Pilots and Employees
  • Second Hand Military Aircraft
  • Update to the seating configurer