Full Version: Competitor Airlines
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Hello all,

I'm new here and enjoying Airline Project. The game database is really amazing.

I have a question about competitor airlines. In my game, they keep buying new airplanes, but their finances don't show it. Well, at least I think they are buying, they might be leasing 2nd hand aircraft.
Is this some bug or am I doing something wrong here? Also, I see a leasing price for 2nd hand aircraft, but I don't see the option to lease them, is it possible to lease them?

Thanks and have a nice weekend.
Moved your post to the discussion forum. (could fit in the bug forum as well, since you're wondering if it's a bug)

We still have to improve AI, so the AI might do weird things like buying aircraft without paying for them.
AI improvements is on the list, but it's in the far future at the moment.
You might see some small improvements (I think your bug should be an easy fix), but overall we'll be focussing on the player first. Smile