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Great game. But I need help. Playing the latest edition, 2.12 alpha, and whilst playing scenarios (Malaysian Airlines, there's no Homebase set. How do I do this?

Also, when playing the game, I lease an aircraft, and then go to try to create a route (MEL-SYD) But I can't create any routes even after reserving slots.

Is there something I'm missing?

Thanks in advance. Again. It's a great game.


What do you mean by not having a home base? Kuala Lumpur is your home base. Wink
You don't get to chose it.

And not being able to create routes, is it in the scenario or in the sandbox game?

If in the sandbox, you probably have to tick the 'for start of next season' box.
You can't start it this season since you don't have the slots yet.

In the scenario, I don't know if this is a bug, or if you can't create routes since you're in depth. (Pjank?)
But there are definitly still bugs with the scheduling. I had the problem that TAP said, I dont have enough free slots, but the departure and arrival airports had reserved slots by me. After some clicking randomly threw the game, the scheduling worked again.
I believe we solved that for v2.13.

It's been a while since I played 2.12, but the last couple of times I did a full test on v2.13 I didn't notice the bug. Smile
[attachment=185][attachment=186]I'll explain a bit more.

When I try to order new aircraft for the Malaysian scenario, it says you cannot order these as you have no Homebase. When I select the Homebase from the dropdown box it's blank. Whereas in the sandbox version, it's filled with my Homebase. (ive added a jpeg)

Another thing with the sandbox version, I lease a plane, create a route, but then there's no aircraft available for me to select. When I try to manually allocate that to the route it says wrong airliner selected...  (Again, another picture!) 

Thanks for your help guys. I'm slowly trying to figure this out.
You're not able to buy new airliners since your maintenance (service) center is full. You need to upgrade it first.
You can upgrade it at any of your airports under facilities.
You can check how many aircraft you can handle under your routes and destinations.

The wrong route focus and airliner type are probably related to cargo or pax.
Are you trying to create a cargo route? And then possibly adding a pax airliner to a cargo route?

The new website should have some tutorial to make things clearer.
In fact some of the problems you have should be explained a little better in the game.
Finally had some time to have a go at the game. Working brilliantly. THANK YOU!