Full Version: [Approved] Plan arrival time
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Hi, since the auto scheduler is not working currently yet and i am not a big fan of the semi-auto one, i am using the manual scheduler.

It features a departure time.

I would like to suggest an arrival time as well, which would be useful for long flights where i want my flights to arrive early in the morning.
I'm adding this to the to do list. Smile
(01-25-2019, 10:25 AM)Tjoeker Wrote: [ -> ]I'm adding this to the to do list. Smile

Thank you. I have to say that i do have a lot of fun with the game, the issues with the auto scheduler are game breaking for me since i cannot realistically plan large amounts of routes without the automation but planning a more realistic amount by hand is fun and brings attention to the details such as airports logos, descriptions etc