Full Version: How to makes technical stop transit?
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Can anyone explain how to make a route with transit.

I want to make a route from Auckland to Chennai by first stopping in Denpasar with "Technical Stop". I plan to use Boeing 767-300ER for this route. The Boeing 767-300ER has a distance of 11070 km. This plane should be able to fly on this route. But when I set the schedule, there are no planes that can fly on this route. I see in my fleet list, I still have 2 767-300ER fleets that are still unused.

Is this a bug or what?
The distance from Auckland to Denpasar is 6746.07 km
Whereas the distance from Denpasar to Chennai is 4562.72 km
That means 767-300ER should be able to fly to Denpasar and then refuel and then fly to Chennai right?
Because it is impossible for 767-300ER to fly directly to Chennai from Auckland because it is 11287.18 km while the maximum distance of 767-300ER is 11070 km.

I am confusedĀ  Rolleyes
This is a bug indeed. Thanks for reporting! Smile