Full Version: Random Events
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Since there will be historical events taking place I suggest there could be random events going on too  Big Grin

-A rare event could be a war happening / air space/airport ban
-A possible bankruptcy taking place for AI
-AI could buy buy other AIs into subsidary/merge
-Possibly such AI could split into 2 airlines subject to how many airlines being played at the start
-With new airlines being defunct / ceasing operations, new airlines could appear to maintains the game competition
for example Air Italy may dissapear but couple months later Aegean Airlines could spring up to take their spot
-Flag carrier duties events such as chosen as official airline of WC/Olympics which would boost sales to the places of events taking
I was thinking about this today too!

I thought about happenings like Cabin Crew/Pilot/Ground Staff strikes, plane crashes, incidents/accidents, flight cancellations because of weather etc. I remember the online game, AviationSim-Game, in which all this affects the reputitions of the Airline and costs money for the airline. Reputition should only be affected if the flight delay/cancellation is caused by the airline (Maintainance and so on) and not by weather. In AviationSim-Game we had the big problem that already one flight cancellation could kill you, because it costs you a big part of you reputition
We have this all planned. (minus the random wars, you will be annoyed enough by the actual wars ^^)

A single flight cancellation will be like a drop in a bucket though. Tongue
If the game would have features like this, then I would find it better, if the airplanes didn't have an fixed schedule.
When the system sees that plane A isn't on time so that it couldn't make the turn around time for the next flight, but plane B's next flight would be later than the other flight, than the system should switch plane A with B with the next routings.
Otherwise the player would have to keep many airplanes in reserve....
Such Dispatch Sortware is very hard to write. I am a co-developer of such a software for a different project and the amount of CPU-Usage such for a single airline like SWA or RYR is so high that it would kill the performance in this Game if this should be be calculated eachday for each airline
Yeah, I was already thinking that delays shouldn't be simulated that way. Smile