Full Version: Harbors?
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on my research on Tuvalu, I found these stamps, what shocked me was that it said "Internal Air Service" after deeper investigation, i found out the service DID exist (Until 1993,mainly because of G73 Mallard's Aging) 
[Image: tuvalu_1979_internal_air_service.jpg]
and then Tokelau came along...
i found out they also had a Domestic Air Service operated by Air New Zealand (Until 1983 this time, 'cause the Mallards won't stop aging) 
also,there was a plan to build a runway in Faka'ofo but it didn't go ahead. Alternate Scenario? Who Knows...
seemingly both served the whole place so,that'll be 10 harbors:
We're currently overhauling all airports, and that includes harbors like these. Smile
Water runways we're a major part of aviation in its early days for long haul flights. This is currently under-represented in the game.
We already added dozens of airports like these in the game.

I'm sure Tomcatter will gladly add your finds to the project. Thanks! Smile
Thanks for the info. This part of the Pacific is still being working on. Many such small airfields / seaplane bases were build during World War II. Often abandoned when the era of Flying Boats came to an end. Some were used until late 1950s as refueling stops due to the short range of land based airliners. PanAm and Imperial Airways has set up many seaplane bases.

Just a few examples of currently implemented "Harbors" in the Pacific :

Guam 1935 to 1945
Midway 1935 to 1947
Wake Island 1935 to 1947
Pearl City (Pearl Harbor) 1935 to 1945
Pearl Harbor 1943 until today
Hilo 1928 to 1949

some in Alaska
more in Europe
some in Northern Africa
I was going to mention this, I wanted to run a flying boat service and realised it wasn't worth it at the moment