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Dear team,

for me it was wonderful news, that you want to bring the game into the next generation.

I love to play this game, because I am very interested into the aviation sector.

Personally I think that you have been thinking about these things for the next version, so that I don't need to write more the title.

Your to-do List : for example alliances, interlining / codesharing, dynamic range

My ideas for the next gen:

At the moment it is only possible to start as an airline and buy others or create subcompanies.

1. Airline Groups / subareas

The more routes and planes there are, the more confusing it becomes to find something. 
Therefore it would be helpful if you could manage airline groups (like Lufthansa /IAG) or divide your airline into subareas without having different brands (like Lufthansa, LH Cityline or LH Station FRA and LH Station MUC). With the creation of subareas of the airline you could organize the airline into shorthaul or longhaul missions and/or stations. 
This would have the advantage, that I only get the information I want.

2. Establishing subsidiaries

With V2 it was only possible to open subsidiaries at airports I had slots or flights (?). I would find it better and more releastic, if I could also start a new subsidiary at airports I don't have slots or flights.
For example my signature. I have an european airline and I want that my flights to asia will operate by my asia subsidiary. It doesn't make sense that I need to create flights or book slots at this airport, to create my sub.
And this brings me to my next point.

3 Joint venture for subsidiaries

I think that many coutries have limitations for the founding of new companies. Foreign companies aren't allowed to hold the majority in some countries. It would be to much work to find out the limitations in all coutries. To make it easier, we could say, that companies get the right to have the majority for subs on the same continent. For all others continents their is the limit of 49 %. Partner could be another airline or business group.
The player would have the full control on this sub, but he only gets 49 % of the profit or loss. If a route or the airline isn't profitable, the partner (ai) give the player tasks (e.g. to close the route, or to reduce the salaries of the employees) or penalty.
As result we could get more interacting with the ai or if possible with other players. in a possible multiplayer weaker players could get a strong partner with a high cash flow and could fight against stronger continent players.

4 Airplane shopping
With V2 it was only possible to buy airplanes for the active airline. Yes it was possible to transfer the airplanes after delivery to the sub, but the player had to do so for each plane. It would be nice, if the player could choose the company destination when buying or change it afterwards.
(e.g. when buying 200 A320 - 50 for company A, 150 for B and change it afterwards to 60 to A, 70 to B and 70 to C)

Then I would find it great, if the player could change the typ after buying or reduce/sold the order or move the deliveries to later slots.
For example I am a low cost carrier player and order 300 A320neo, because at the time I place the order my filling degree wasn't high. After 5 years I find that this strategie isn't the best for this moment and I had only 100 A320neo delivered yet.
Then it should be possible that I could go to Airbus and change for later delivery slots the planes (e.g. to A321neo or A330neo with compensation payment).
Thanks for sharing your ideas!

These ideas were on our list to some extent. But you gave us some food for thought that will inevitably lead to a better and deeper implementation.
(01-26-2020, 07:58 PM)Tjoeker Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks for sharing your ideas!

These ideas were on our list to some extent. But you gave us some food for thought that will inevitably lead to a better and deeper implementation.

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