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Slots - jcchristie2 - 08-08-2018

Hey, I think the slots need to be at airports that are actually slot controlled.  SNA, LGA, JFK, EWR, and DCA for North America.  LHR for Europe.  HND in Asia.  

Example: I was trying to build Southwest's Dallas-Love Field flight schedule and I ran out of slots.  Love Field is not slot controlled in real life.   This is the most realistic Airline Business Simulator I've ever played.

RE: Slots - Tjoeker - 08-08-2018

This is actually a bug, thanks for reporting. Smile

Dallas Love Field is a non coordinated airport which means you should be able to request a slot and immediately use it.
The bug in the game is that you apparently can't launch the flight until the next season started. Smile

Still, the airport has a maximum number of flights it can handle (in this case about a 130 daily flights).
If you meant you ran out of all these slots, it means the airport is at capacity.

edit: turns out this isn't a bug. Smile

RE: Slots - pjank42 - 08-09-2018

Hi, do you mean that slots should only be at airports which are slot controlled, and for the rest of them there are "just" a maximum amount of flights per day?