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New Download - jto5792 - 02-03-2019

Hi, so I feel like I'm probably being stupid here but...
I've downloaded the game and it's currently a winzip file, do I need to unzip the file to be able to play the game as I've attempted to do so with 7zip and haven't got anything from it? How do I open the game?

RE: New Download - Tjoeker - 02-03-2019

Yes, you need to unzip the file to be able to play the game. Wink

If you just double clicked the zip file, you still have to copy the file elsewhere. (it's the same as unzipping in that case)

If the zip file appears empty, can you try downloading the game again? How big is the zipped file?

Or if you actually do have all the files, but it's just that the game doesn't launch after clicking the .exe file, give it some time.
The game can take a while to start up.