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Release Date - kwilson92 - 06-24-2019

Any update as currently with the save game issue the game is currently unplayable with is a real shame.

RE: Release Date - Tjoeker - 06-24-2019

What exactly do you mean by 'the game is unplayable'?
The game should run fine. Sure not all features are as polished, in fact there is a lot of work on all of them.
But the game should be able to run just fine and give a basic gameplay. (including saving/loading the game)

We don't really have an official release date yet. We don't really like spreading a release date and then not being able reach the deadline.
All I can say at the moment is that it for sure will be this summer.

RE: Release Date - red baron - 06-25-2019

It is unplayable when you get over year 2020 you cant save the game as it wont load. We have discussed this before.

RE: Release Date - MDubz - 06-25-2019

Can you be more specific? I've managed to get games all the way over 2030ish without any issues.

RE: Release Date - kwilson92 - 06-30-2019

Have you played continuously or saved with breaks??

RE: Release Date - MDubz - 06-30-2019

I've played that save over a course of about a week