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Understanding slot assignment
downloaded the game today (prealpha 10.5) and am toying a bit around. So far this looks really promising!

However, I have still problems understanding slot assignment. Let's say I want to run a small self-created regional airline in norway. What I have understood so far: Getting slots at "non-coordinated" airports isn't a problem at all. "Schedules Facilitated" give slots on requests - that works fine for me as well, I get an immediate (usually positive) answer. "Coordinated" do not assign slots instantly but on a seasonal basis as can be seen in the calendar.

And here is my problem, no matter which of the four "coordinated" airports in norway I ask, I do not get any response at all. Even if I simulate for a year or so and subscribe to the airport. Is this something not working yet or is there only some feedback missing? And I'd like to know if I can manipulate my chance to get slots there at all. Do I need to get some kind of "reputation" or do I need to build some facilities at the airport beforehand or something like that?

Creating routes from and to coordinated airport is indeed a bit difficult in the current version.
We are planning on improving this part for the next major release. Smile
Do you initially get no feedback from the game when you try to reserve that slot? I'll have to take a look at that. thanks!

Here is how it works currently:
-First you reserve that slot.
-then you create a route between the airports you want. (tick the create route for next season box)
-next you wait until the airport has approved your slot. (at the season deadline)
-as soon as your slot has been approved, you can start scheduling that route.
-start the route

if you don't have any route or scheduled flight on that slot, your slot will get removed after a year. Which is probably why you lost your slot.

As soon as the next major release is out, I'll post a tutorial on the topic.
Okay, I missed that part here.

Quote:-then you create a route between the airports you want. (tick the create route for next season box)

And tried again as you described, but it doesn't work. And I do not get any feedback from the game at all.

A tutorial for all that basic stuff would indeed be very helpful!
Were you able to create the route?
What was the last status on that route?

Was it 'Confirmed' or 'Planned'?

If it says planned, you have to wait a bit longer.
If it says confirmed, you can add flights. (click on the aircraft icon on the right or go to the airliner sub-tab)
Yes, I can create the route (as "planned").

Starting from a new game, 2017, own company based in Oslo Gardermoen, two slots bought at Trondheim for testing: On 15.01. (one day after the "summer deadline") route is listed at "planned". Can't assign them to the aircraft, not enough free slots. On 26.03. (one day after "Summer Start") the same. On 20.08. (one day after "winter deadline") - same. On 22.10. (one day after "winter start") - same. Trondheim doesn't show up on my "home" page as well. On the airport page for Trondheim it does show two reserved slots for me, however.
I tested it myself, and didn't find any trouble. So at least it's not a bug. pfew Big Grin
At least as far as I know now.

[Image: KE6r94j.png]

So, you were able to create the route.
After the route is created (should be before the deadline for the next season, else you have to wait another season), you wait until the season starts. (I was wrong there in my previous post, sorry)
When the season starts the route gets confirmed as seen in circle 1.

As soon as the route gets confirmed you get those 4 icons on the right. now you can either schedule the flight using the airliner icon or airliners in the menu in circle 2.
Okay, I created a new savegame and now it works, so something is wrong with my other savegame. I absolutely can't work out what, though, but on that save I only get the pencil and bin icon and the route never gets confirmed, no matter what I do.
Would it be possible for you to send the save game to me? (
I figured out the issue and it is a general issue that the deadline executions aren't saved, so thanks a lot for the input :-)
 Just an addition on the slot problem. For some airports, there is a window saying "the slot has been approved" every time I apply for a slot. It can be bothering since I have to close it all the time. Is it possible for us to write in the number of slots we want and apply all-in-once so that I do not need to close the window for dozens of times?

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