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New scheduling systems
I created designed a new system for scheduling.
I'm satisfied with the features, but if you have any ideas, feel free to share  it below.

I tried to match the style from the game, but it isn't a 100% match.
So Christian will have to add his own touch.
Also, the layout isn't final. If you have better ideas for the layout, you can change that as well.

The system I've created is based on both scheduling systems, the old and the new system.
I'm assuming the reason Christian created the pooling system is the following:
You can easily see at what times you are already flying and add a departure at a time you don't already have on that route.

If there are other reasons for the pooling system, let me know. Maybe we can come up with some ideas to implement that as well. Smile

The user has 2 options to add new flights:

using the old system:
[Image: wW4Cjfj.png]

This scheduling option is accessed under the Routes/Airliner schedule tab. (unless you can come up with a better place/name)

The first thing you see at the top left corner: Airliner tailnumber - airliner type - seating configuration.
This is just some useful information for the player about the specific airliner.

Next you see the schedule for the airliner.
Please don't forget the grey boxes for the turntime. :^)
The grey boxes should also indicate the soonest departure possible. (0.51 only showed how long the turntime was, thus I had to calculate it myself)

Up next: Route generator
It works the same as it did in 0.51 with some minor improvements:
-You have to select the country for the origin and destination. This will reduce the list of 100s of airports to 3-10 for most countries.
-You can now also use the arrival time for scheduling. (useful for backwards scheduling)
If the player is changing the arrival time, the departure time should automatically change along. This way the player always knows both.

Woks the same as 0.51, with one improvement:
In the screen 'Everyday' is selected. If the player unchecked Thursday for example, the setting changes to Specific day.
If the player selected MWF, Monday, Wednesday and Friday get selected.
Selecting 'Specific day' deselects every day, so if the player wants to select just one day, this would be the fastest way. (2 clicks instead of having to deselect every day)

Less clicks => faster scheduling Smile

This shows all flights on the selected route (in this case DUS-BRU), only in this direction.
If the player pressed swap airports in the route generator, it should of course show the other direction (BRU-DUS)

The player is given the option to show or hide the flights from the opponents.
Maybe this table should also show whether an opponent is in your alliance or whether you have codesharing with the opponent?
Although, I don't know if alliances/codesharing is implemented yet.

I just noticed this table doesn't show what days the flights are. see the next system how I put it in the table. Smile
When we implement Seasonal flights, I'd use small logos to show when certain flights fly. (like a sun for summerseason, a bag for holidays...)

I think the player should be able to create schedules with gates that aren't approved yet. So maybe an extra column in the table showing things like 'confirmed', 'planned' or 'last season*'.
With scheduling in advance, ending flights in advance should be possible as well:

The player has scheduled a flight at 10:00, DUS-AMS.
For the next season he wants to replace that flight with DUS-FRA.
He has to set somewhere the DUS-AMS route will end at the start of the next season.
This will allow him to schedule DUS-FRA for the next season.

The new system (based on the pooling system):
[Image: i7ThLZH.png]

This scheduling system is accessed via the routes overview.

The routes overview is more or less the same as it is now.
I removed the stats for the airliner pool and the pilots, as we won't need that.
I added Opponent weekly flights. It's not necessary, but it can be useful to know.
I notice I've forgotten to add the filling percentage.

Most logos still have the same purpose.
I don't think we need the Add pilot button anymore.
The airliner button changed slightly:

It opens a splash screen with the schedule for that route. (all flights from all your airliners are included + opponents flights)

You can add a flight to the schedule using the Add flights.
The player has to set the departure time, then he can set the margin.
I chose a departure at 8:00 and I gave a margin of 10 minutes.
This means the departure can be anywhere between 7:50 and 8:10.
In the dropdown menu I can see what airliners in my fleet can have a departure between 7:50 and 8:10 and do the return flight, while being back in Düsseldorf in time for it's next flight. (or if the next flight for that aircraft was in Frankfurt, it should have time enough to do the hop to Frankfurt; maybe we need an additional option to only use airliners based in the origin airport (in this case Düsseldorf)).

The dropdown menu shows some basic information on the airliner: the tailsign, Aircraft type and the seating configuration.
You don't want to set an A380 or your A320 with first class on such a short flight. Wink

Having these two systems gives us the best of both worlds i think Smile
The screens look really great, and I'm a big fan of bringing back the more precise scheduling screen. I really liked the old one, and if I'm not mistaken Christian already started on implementing it back.

As the community has more and more wishes, I think this is a really good start and should cover almost everything that is and will be needed. The only suggestions that I would like to make, is to copy an aircraft's schedule and shift it with a certain time. This way you can easily create a very busy route, by copying an schedule and shifting it a few hours. 

An idea for the seasonplanning problem would be to have a tab at the top saying: "Current Season", "Next Season".
Under Next season you can plan ahead with the gates you have requested at airports. 
Another option would be to create "Winter Season" "Next Winter Season" "Summer Season" "Next Summer Season" for if you want to add the ability to create different schedule's during winter and summer. The plus side is that the all can use the same route scheduler.

But this should definitely cover almost all the desirable planning tools.
I think these are good ideas indeed.
Especially the Current/next season tab. Excellent thinking! Big Grin
I am not sure I will be able to implement seasons for now, since it requires changes a lot of different places.

I am currently trying to implement the screens for "the old system", and that is one of the screens where I need you to test it, since my screen has very low resolution (I am using a laptop)
I have one issue regarding the screen for the new system. When you add a new flight is it for all days or should there be the possiblility to select days? The same goes for origin airport which I expect that you want to be able to select :-)
Yes, I overlooked some things. Blush
I wasn't entirely sure whether the 'add flight' button should pop up a new screen, redirect to that specific airliner's schedule or just add the flight with the times the game thinks is best.

I guess you'd need to add a field that shows the origin and destination airport, with a button to change the direction.
And add in the days selection field.

Or whatever you think works best. Smile
The first version of the new system is ready, so just let me know when you are ready to test it :-)
I'm back from my trip and ready to test it.
Bring it on. Big Grin
I hope you had a great trip :-)

Please grab it from here

I have looked too much on it so I have lost a little track on it so nice with some fresh eyes.

Please also check if the airports list and some of the other lists fills the whole screen, since it is something I have tried to implement. And because of that you start with a blank screen instead of the screen for your airline, but that is something I will fix
I made a presentation because it's easier to explain then using images on the forum.

link to presentation
At the top right corner there should be a button to watch the presentation Wink

As for the schedulers, there are some features not working. But I'm assuming you know this.

Did you 'finish' both systems or only 'the new system'?
Or do I commentate on both systems?

It'd be good to tackle the bugs I'll tell you about and release another dev release.
My school just started this week, so my progress on things will slow down now.
I hope your 2 week time frame wont be to tight.. Big Grin

You/we're another step closer to a playable version 2. Smile
Thanks for listening to my idea.  Big Grin

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