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PRR Release 10
I have fixed the game crash when removing an entry in the planner and also fixed some of the financial issues. Regarding removing the .pdb-files then they are used so I am able to see exactly what line in the code is crashing when you sent me the log-file :-)
thanks for fixing

Ok didn't know  that they are requierd for the local logging. Since in the main windows error log, the full error log is shown without the pdb file in the application directory
Not sure if noticed already, but you can literally price tickets any price you want in the current release. I can literally charge economy passengers millions for a route between Amsterdam and London and roll in cash. It's quite immersion-breaking to not have passengers being sensitive to prices and removes much strategy from the simulation.
We are aware of that, yes. Smile
Thanks for reporting anyway.

Our goal is to get the demand between airports and the economics working for the next version. Smile
That's great to hear. Looking forward to further development of this game!

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