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Seating configuration
I recently noticed the airliner capacities were a bit over estimated.
I assume this was because the airliners hit the maximum take off weight sooner than they ran out of cabin-space..

I created a new formula for the maximum amount of seats. Smile
Download (Excel)

This formula also has one other advantage: the player can see how many seats abreast and rows the airliner has.
This adds to the immersion I believe, as those numbers are better understandable.

The disadvantage is that you don't have the ability to create rows with a different amount of seats abreast, which means we will have to recalculate the exit limits our selves to fit the formula.
Like the A318: The real exit limit 136 becomes 132. It's too bad we lose those 4 seats, but at least it's a little more accurate than the 176 currently in game.

Multiple classes
Now, to configure with multiple classes, wouldn't it be easier (and more efficient) to define the amount of rows you want in a class, instead of a percentage slider?
Of course, the amount of rows in economy gets defined by the amount of rows in other classes. (so you can adjust the number of rows in all classes, except economy).
This would mean that we go back to, whenever a class gets removed, it adds space to economy.

New seats
Now, can I go ahead and request 2 new seats? Smile

the first one is (was? I can't find it?..) used on Brussels Airlines short haul Premium Economy class:
[Image: photo.jpg]
This adds a little more comfort over standard seats, but while it takes up 3 seats in width (6 in total) it only has 2 (4 in total) usable seats.
If the width is turned up so that there are only 5 seats, I think we should go for 4 usable seats, 1 table.
However, this seems like a mess to code to me. Big Grin

The second one is a first class luxurious closed suite:
[Image: New-Singapore-Suites-Class-3.jpg]
Or you could just increase the pitch/width of course. Smile

Edit: forgot to mention there should be some rating in the seat configurator showing how satisfied the people would be in that seat, depending on how long the flight is.
And of course, I'm willing to help gathering the data.
Thanks and I will take a look at it when I have finished the first take on the new demand calculator.

And next time I fly Singapore Airlines I will also try the first class luxurious closed suite :-)
So cool! I think you won't even know you're flying.. Big Grin
To take a break after my first exam, I started collecting data for the maximum seating capacities.

You once gave me this list of airliners in game: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6FZcYn...VPMmM/view

I have a few questions:
-Do you keep this list up to date, or did you just quickly create it because I asked for it?
-I see an A330-300HGW in the list, but I read this model was discontinued before production. (same for all A340HWG versions)
-What do we do with helicopters? In the survey nobody reported they were playing with them.. (do you play with them? if so I would keep hem in, no doubt)
I'm also kinda ignoring helicoptors in the historic airport data, I'd do them in the last round (if we keep them in the game).
It's just so much hassle to keep 'em in game, while there are so few playing with them and the real world network is so thin..

Anyway, like I probably said two times by now, if you want them in game, we keep them in game.  Shy

List of discontinued before production aircraft:

Missing aircraft?:
BAe 146-100 / Avro RJ70
Boeing 737 MAX 10
I hope your exam went well :-)

The list of airliners was created for you and it is not maintained (but I haven't added any in a year or so).

I will look at the ones to remove again and I guess you are right about helicopters, so maybe they should just be ignored for now :-)
Do you have a link for the Brussels Airlines seat because I can't find it online?

And I also think we need a few to set the different parameters for the airliners which haven't been collected so I can implement the ones you collect :-)
What info do you need on the seat?
I don't know the name of it, so I'm gonna have a hard time finding it as well. Big Grin
I just know it exists.
I don't think it is used that often any more.

As you can see in the picture it is just a table that fits in the middle seat. This slightly increases comfort.
(And if the airline decides to change the class to all economy or less business seats, it can easily remove the table)
Here are more examples:
Google Pictures

apparently British airways' Club Europe (their short haul business class) uses this configuration:
Google pictures
You can see the seat in this seat layout at SeatGuru
Those grey and yellow middle seats in 'Club Europe' have the table installed.
As said in the comments of those yellow seats (if you hover over them) they can be converted into a regular economy seat anytime.

I'll post here when I'm finished collecting the data for the seating configuration. Smile
I think we will just keep to old way of calculating the seating capacity for those you haven't collected data. That way we are sure that the game will still run even if not all data has been collected
I think it's best if we implement this all at once.

Using the calculation I have created, we have a slightly different approach on how the configuration is set up.
It'd be weird if we had the old system for some planes and the new one for the others.

Hmm, haven't I explained yet how the user can set up the configuration in my system?

In your system in v2, you set up how big the surface of the cabin is.
Then each seat takes up some of the surface, depending on the pitch and width.
Then you could also set a certain percentage of the cabin to be another class.
This is a vast improvement over v1, as it gives the player more options and it's less buggy.
But I feel like it lacks a bit of info, which shows the player how much space you are actually giving to the passengers.

I decided to go with a slightly different approach:
Instead of giving a surface, I give the actual cabin width and length.
This allows us to tell the player exactly how many seats are next to each other, and how many rows there are.
It takes into account that the aisle has to be 50cm minimum, and whether there are 1 or 2 aisles.
This helps the player judge a bit better how wide his seats are. If the game says there are 5 seats next to each other in an A320, you know you give the pax a lot of space. Smile
It also lets the player set how many rows a class has instead of defining how much surface. I always tried to get for example 5 rows business and the rest economy on an A320, but this was rather difficult using percentages.

I'll photoshop something to explain how it looks after the exams. Smile
I continued my work on this a bit and found some new airliners that are missing and others that never made it to production.

I don't know if you already added removed the airliners from my previous list, so here is it again (new entries are in bold):

List of aircraft to remove:
B777-8x basically, the x behind the name was the name in the design fase, now it is just named 8/9/10. or at least, that's how I understood it.

Missing aircraft?:
BAe 146-100 / Avro RJ70
Boeing 737 MAX 10
B747-100SR It is based on the -100 model, but designed for Short Range (SR), it can take a little more pax, or cargo but the range is shorter
B747-100B The improvements made while designing -100SR are now used for the longer range version (-100) which they call -100B. It has a longer range and handles more pax than the -100

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