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Turnaround-Time and Airliners assignment based on last destination

while playing over the last days (without any CTD) I thought about some more features that would make the game even greater Wink

1.: At the moment the block-time (turnaround) is fix at 1h. It would be cool if this can be set by hand. For example Ryanair has a blocktime from 25-30 min. Lufthansa for theier small Airbus 45min and for the big ones around 1-1,5h. And in the early game it is quite unrealistic to have a blocktime of 1h for an aircraft with 5 pax.

2. In the beginning of my games I used the Airliners-Tab to add my flights to a specific airliner, over the time I changed to the Routes-Tab to add flights. And there i ran into - lets call it a unrealistic behavior. When adding a new flight, the game suggest me airliners that are free at the given time and can perform this flight, but the game is not considering the last airport of these airliners. For example: N00001 is landing at 10:00 in PHNL but is suggested as a airliner for a light at 12:00 from KFJK. Adding the feature would make the dispatcher process a lot more realistic, when managing a global fleet.
Hey Kaiii3.

1. I’ve already suggested this earlier, but for now it has not been implemented, however, it’s on the to do list.

2. I saw this misbehaviour too, good catch. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. Smile
1. ok, i can wait Smile

2. lets hope for the next version

just some ideas for turnaround time. It is not easy to say "that is the right turnaround time or this one".  Tongue
Every airport has other for a particular type of aircraft. Is it domestic or international? 

A330 at CDG has 120 minutes and somewhere in Southeast Asia only 60 minutes for example.

747-800i ----- http://www.boeing.com/assets/pdf/commerc.../747_8.pdf ----- Page 63 to 67

A suggestion :

0 to 199 Pax --- 30 minutes
200 to 319 Pax --- 45 minutes
320 to 439 Pax --- 60 minutes
440 to 539 Pax --- 90 minutes
540 to ~ Pax --- 120 minutes
I have added different turn around times based on the routes flying, and which facilities the airline has at the airports
Nice to read.  Smile

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