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Help with testing
Since we are almost done with the next version, I would need some help with the testing.

So if you think you will be help to spend a couple of hours, most likely from the mid of this week, please sent me a PM.
I will only need a couple of testers, so only the first ones who PMs will be a part of the testers.

The purpose of the testing is to test the new functionalities (from the changelog: http://theairlineproject.net/forum/showt...p?tid=1308) and stability.
So please no inputs like: Why hasn't this and that been implemented yet?

And please be aware that the version is not the final version, so there might be stability issues.
So far we have three testers and the test period will start Wednesday 18th of April. So the deadline for signing out as tester is Wednesday 5 AM CET :-)

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