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Airlines with multiple hubs
  Thanks for the new release which works much more smoothly. While being able to play a single airline for longer time, I have some ideas maybe can improve the convenience of the game.

1. Creating hubs:
   I have a subsidiary and I want it to operate routes from Portland, Seattle and Oakland. However, when its destination starts to build up, it takes longer time for me to find these three airports since the route creating page is not listed at a certain order. I think it can be a great idea by identifying an airport as a Hub, these airports can at least shown at the top of the list.
2. Airliners scheduling:
   Sometimes it seems that I can assign an airliner on a route longer than it is designed to fly without any warning. Can we change that?
3. Slots:
   I do can receive a warning of having no slots when I try to assign a new route from an airport with no enough slots. However, this flight still operates normally and the information page shows that my spare slot is a negative number. 

Would you like to go through these? 
Thank you!
That's a cool idea for hubs indeed. Cool

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