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I have seen more people asking for the implementation of hubs, so I have a few things I need help with:

How exactly should we set if an airport is a hub for an airline. Is it "just" a selection you make or do you need to have some specfic facilities?
What benefits should the airline get for using a hub?
I have been thinking about how we'd implement this too.
IRL airlines just call airports a hub. It has no requirements and I think it doesn't benefit them.
It's just useful for organization.

However, I don't think that's enough gameplay for our game. Big Grin
Of course, organization wise, list them alphabetically at the top on scheduler lists. Maybe give them a little icon.

Possible benefits I can think of are these:
-a small reduction of slot prices (5%?)
-If slots are scarce at your hubairport, you have a higher chance of receiving the slot. (maybe until you own 60% of the slots?)
-Passengers are a little more likely to connect through your airport

Possible requirements I can think of:
-5% of your flights pass through the airport (so theoretically you have a maximum of 20 hubs, in practice this would probably be 6-8 hubs)
-for passengerhubs: ticket office and check-in desks?
-for cargohubs: cargo handling center?

Then, I'd also like it if you'd add focus airports.
No requirements, no benefits. Just give them some other logo (or a smaller version of the hub logo) and list them in scheduler lists under hub airports. Smile

Just my 2 cents.
Since I for some reason wasn't able to sleep this night I decided to implemented hubs :-)
great; so the next question, how did you implemented them xD

I think the idea with the the higher rate of connection pax and the reduced prices are good
I implemented it almost as Tjoeker suggested :-)

can you upload the changes after you did some testing to git, so we can test them Smile
I think I forgot to say that it has been committed to Git :-)
yeah, you did Wink I will get it later today and start some tests tomorrow, anything else vaou have commited?
Not anything else (the seating configuration might be broken, but I am aware of that) since I don't have much time for the time at the moment

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