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Advanced Flight Scheduling

Some ideas for extended flight sheduling after playing a while.

If a flight is planned, you should be able to select the cruising speed beforehand. Then the route would be more flexible in the choice of airliners and the timetables could be saved.
For example cruising speed 800kmh / 850kmh / 900kmh and turnaround time selectable 15min / 30min / 45min (depending on the minimum turnaround time of the airliners)
if a plane has at least 30 minutes of turnaround, 15 should not be selectable. The same with the speed.

- Game year 1977 -
The Boeing 727-200 Adv. has a high cruising speed and a flight time from Frankfurt (FRA) to Lisboa (LIS) in this case 2 hours.
The Boeing 737-200 Adv. has a lower cruising speed and a flight time from Frankfurt (FRA) to Lisboa (LIS) in this case 2,5 hours.

If you want to swap the airliner for more or fewer capacity, you would need an airliner with the same speed or an equivalent (with more or less pax capacity) to adjust the capacity with the current fixed shedule time.
The 737-200 Adv. is slower and normally could not replace the 727-200 Adv. with the current flight time when demand is not that high anymore and you want to swap to an airliner with fewer capacity.


Extended Flight Operations

If you activate extended flight operations, the maximum range of the aircraft would be possible, with fewer passengers and less cargo of course.
A second aspect would be that it is possible to use a shorter runway. If you would like to use a plane on a route with a shorter runway, then it would be possible, for a stopover to refuel for example.


Mannually, you are already able to increase turn time. (just schedule the flight a bit later)
I think it might be a good idea indeed to be able to increase the turn time for auto return flights.

I'm not sure about the speeds though. Indeed swapping routes between aircraft is a hassle at the moment if your new aircraft is slower.
But would you really schedule your flight at 800kmh if you can fly 900kmh? I don't think so. Wink

Perhaps a more convenient solution would be that the game detects the overlapping flights and corrects them by setting the departures of the flights later?
This might still cause some trouble on changing from supersonic to subsonic though.

While updating the airliner database, I thought about this too, a lot.
I'm not sure though how we'd calculate this though, as the range doesn't increase linear.

edit: I see you mean to have the full cabin layout, but just don't use it to achieve the longer range?
I was thinking about an increasing range (albeit not much) if you put less seats in the cabin.
The main idea of the speed is that one is more flexible in the route as far as the choice of aircraft is concerned.
A side idea is that the fuel consumption is lower, if you do not fly at maximum speed.

An example would be Frankfurt - Brussels ~ 317km
800 km / h approx. 23 minutes
700 km / h approx. 26 minutes

And consume more fuel for 3 minutes extra?

That is what I mean. Fewer passengers and longer range.
I see. Pretty neat for low cost vs full fare.

Let's see what pjank has to say about this.

There are a few things in you visualisation that I certainly want implemented. Smile
The estimated flight time, distance, arrival and ready for next departure at, are all useful info. Smile
I think they are all great ideas, but it might take a little while to implement.

I am also looking into the whole turnaround time and is thinking about if we need some sort of "cleaning team" facility in an airport, which makes it possible to have lower turnaround times than normal. I read that Virgin Atlantic had a team of 42 engineers in Heathrow to handle their airliners.
One could also make it dependent on the size of the airport, which means, for example, smaller airports a "penalty", because of the lower infrastructure.
I split the thread from 'New flight scheduling systems' since this is still in its design fase while the other is finished. Smile

I have been thinking about the lower speed/less pax in exchange for longer range/shorter runway and it might be doable.
But we'll need to do some changes in the way things are calculated at the moment so it will be a bit further down the road before this gets implemented I guess. Rolleyes

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