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Exit Limit Ideas
Hi, I have noticed the new update, I am interest in the exit limit idea. Yet I wonder if we can order airliners with different number of exists? The exit number and sizes varied on different version of large airliners in the late 20th century. For example, 763 had more than 3 types of exit arrangements for different customers! Also, just a propose, I hope we can upgrade our airliners including giving 763 a winglet, 320 a shakles winglet etc.
I think having exit layout options would give the player too many options?
It wouldn't really matter in the way we set it up anyway. We're currently using the highest exit limit on each aircraft, so you can lower the amount of seats as you please.

Of course, I imagine a lower exit limit influences performance of an aircraft?
I believe Tomcatter suggested something like this some time ago: (maybe somebody else as well? Angel )
A lower seating capacity causes a slightly improved fuelconsumption which means you could fly further or don't need a runway as long.

I'm currently looking into this, since there is almost no reason to buy an A340 at the moment as the A330 does the same job but with better performance at the moment in our game. Smile
The A330 should indeed have the same range, but to achieve that range it should have a very low capacity compared to the A340.

For the runway length, I'm also thinking about Hot and High operations.
Same story: there is not much reason for you to buy hot and high capable aircraft at the moment.

It's all still a long way down the road though.

While I'm at it, I will take a look at the winglets/sharklets as well. Wink

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