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Cannot save game with new name
When the "Save Game" pop-up box gets full, I cannot seem to save a new game to a new name.

Sorry, you'll soon be fed up with me!   Undecided

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Moved post to bug reports.

Don't worry, we like to fix all bugs.
Or if users have questions it usually means something isn't explained very well.
There is always room for improvement. Wink
You can solve this bug with :

Backup your data.sqlite before you do this tutor for restore if there is an error.

1. Download DB Browser SQLite
2. Open your directory save files in TAPv2/data/saves. Delete all your save files
3. Open DB Browser SQLite
4. Click button Open Database and select data.sqlite in directory TAPv2/data
[Image: b3e1d85f5e.png]
[Image: bbf3afa465.png]
5. After you opened data.sqlite click Browse Data in tab under button Open Database
[Image: 0707f0c339.png]
6. Select table SaveFile and select all row in the table SaveFile, and press delete in your keyboard.
[Image: dc8760e848.png]
[Image: 9ce2daf310.png]
7. If the table clear, you can click button Write Changes on the right button Open Database.
8. Close and open the game. Test with load game. If success you can see empty save games

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