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Game over
I saved the same game to 3 separate files and none of them will load.  I restarted my PC with nothing else much running and still nothing.  Duh!? Huh
Did you and the opponents have a lot of flights? There might be some issues if there is a lot of data to load.
I didn't have any opponents.  I had about 16 aeroplanes with numbers of return flights ranging from 7 to 28 per week.
Should be doable. Can you send the savefile?
Is that the file with extension .sqlite?  Where should I send it?
You may use any upload site you prefer. Wink
It is the .sqlite file you find under data/saves indeed.
We found that it probably has to do with the conversion of some aircraft to cargo aircraft.
This has been fixed for 2.14, but that doesn't solve the issue for you now.

If you want, I can try to remove those converted aircraft from the save-file, but I can't guarantee a success..
What year was it? If it was year 2025 upwards the game wont load as this is a bug.
The crashes were happening BEFORE I converted an aircraft to cargo and yes I in the year 2030 plus I think.
That is defiantly caused by the bug. PJank42 also confirmed that it was a save game bug from Year 2025 on wards.

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