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Older Aircraft, Starting Conditions & More Investment
Older Aircraft:

Some aircraft which are essential for some of our fleets stop production quite abruptly. As a possibility, if an aircraft is selling exceptionally well, maybe it could stay on the listing for new aircraft. In addition, it would be nice if we could request for an Airframe Manufacturer E.g Bombardier/Embraer to restart production of an older aircraft - To go into more detail, obviously you'd have to make a large order for it to be worth their time. An exception for this would be the Bombardier CS program as it was sold to Airbus as the A220.

Starting Conditions: 

Sometimes the game can feel quite easy to play through, though i am looking forward to the AI reboot in the future. Therefore it would be nice (for me at least) if there was a limit to how much you can loan (e.g tied to credit rating/Max.Limit) & This could all be bundled into a preset When clicking "New Game," It could be a toggle. Preferentially it would be nice to set a lower starting sum of money, which incentivises you to buy Second hand/Smaller Planes or Helicopters.

More Investment:

With the above taken into account, money may be quite tight. Therefore maybe shares could be increased from 100 units to 1000. Or if it is a percentage; into smaller decimals. This would tie in with Higher, and dynamic stock prices linked to the worth of an airline. Otherwise sometimes it feels like Buying an airline costs almost nothing.

I understand that this is a lot to consider, however I feel it would greatly increase the replayability and realism of the game. 

Thank you.
Hi Matt

Thanks for all your inputs and they look a lot like something we have on the todo list, which I will update with your inputs :-)

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