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New Game Crash to Desktop
Hi all,
Have heard about this game but not downloaded it until today - you guys have done some great work and I'm excited for the future!

I'm having an issue (2.13 Alpha Final) where every time I try to start a new game and click "Start Game" on the Airline Selection screen, the game crashes to the desktop.  I've played around with the different settings/airlines/etc and it seems to happen every time.  I do not have a bug report in my game folder from any of these.  Interestingly, I am able to load up both the scenarios and the saved games and play them normally.  I didn't see any similar issues reported here but I apologize if I missed something!


Does it happen with all airlines you are starting with and could you maybe try with one in 2018 with 2 opponents and the human airline as Aegean Airlines?
Yeah, it crashes using 2 opponents and Aegean Airlines.  I played around with the various starting settings this morning and still haven't found a combination that will launch the game.
Just a few questions:

-Did you mod any file/add modded files?
-Have you tried redownloading the game?
-What are all the settings you try to launch the game with?
No mods/added files.
I redownloaded it and am having the same issues.

Here are the default settings:

I've tried different years/airlines/settings with no luck.
If I choose "Select Full Countries" it will take me to that screen but the game still crashes when selecting "Start Game".
If I uncheck "Use Random Opponents" it will take me to the opponent selection screen but also still CTD clicking "Start Game".
Hopefully last question but which country are you from, so we can try to simulate it with your settings?
No worries, happy to help. From the US.
I have sent you an email with the link to a test version to check if that one should be working. Please let us know if it succeed :-)
Maybe if it doesn't work you could try to run the game as administrator, because the crash could be related to not being able to write the file?
I didn't see an e-mail from you, sorry!
However...I ran it as administrator, and sure enough, that worked. Sorry I didn't think of that!

Whoops, I found the email. The test version is the same as previous - same issue unless I run as administrator, in which case it works fine!

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