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Hi Guys,
I have an issue. 
Say i want to become an airline like Air Arabia and have multiple subsidaries in multiple countries how would i do that? What are the prerequisits?

Hey kwilson92,

Prerequisits are a little money and some airliner. First of all, rent a slot in Alexandria (for AirArabia Egypt), a slot in Casablanca (for AirArabia Maroc) and create the both subsidiaries.
Create a subsidiary and go to "import" and select AirArabia Egypt with homebase Alexandria. If you have not rented a slot in Alexandria for example, you can not choose it as homebase for AirArabia Egypt.

For example, you can use Alexandria or Casablanca as a hub for long haul flights. All flights from Alexandria / Sharjah to Casablanca and from there to the US East Coast and / or South America.
Set up domestic flights and feed your hubs for long haul flights. From the United Arab Emirates maybe to expand to India and create a subsidiary there.

Hope it helps
Ok, so i just tried to set up a Subsidary or#f my Albanian Airline in London at Gatwick and Gatwick doesn't come up as an option on my create subsidary page
Are your slots at Gatwick Confirmed/have you booked your slots at Gatwick before the previous season deadline?
Forgot to mention.
You have to wait until the slots are confirmed. Many airports are coordinated, like Gatwick. Then you can use it as homebase.
Ah ok, that explains it probably, i will test that tonight thanks man
That would explain a lot. I didn't it worked that way. I'm going to try it as well.

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