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Cargo and Passenger size?
I wondered what the stipulation that decideds what size category the airport is for Cargo and Pax?

Also, is there anyway to make seasonal demand realistic because it is very unrealistic for certain European routes.

Oh, and one other thing, can you add random contract offers for charters or is that not possible?

Edit >>>> And can AI Airlines buy shares in airlines or is it only Human airlines that can?
The size of the airports is defined by how many passengers/cargo pass through an airport on a yearly basis.
The sizes may sometimes overlap a bit since the airports were mostly created by users back in the day.
We're now updating all airports to have more historical and consistent data. This will take some time though.

Seasonal demand figures are being updated with every game update.
The next update should at least contain northern, western and southern Europe as well as some major Chinese cities.
But if you find some data to be wrong, feel free to let us know and we'll take a look at it.

Charters and an improved AI are some things we'll look at in the future.
I was just thinking like smaller french airports.

I get terrible passenger numbers from London to say Grenoble in Winter when i should be getting amazing passenger figures as its the gateway to some of the best ski resorts in Europe.
And the fact when I try to get a flight for last minute skiing i can never get one as they are all booked up.
I looked up the demand factors for London airports and Grenoble, and these seem to be ok.
I must say, we fixed quite a few demand bugs the last couple of weeks. So that might solve your problem. Smile

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