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How to edit route restrictions?
Hey, could you guys tell me which file(s) should I mess up with when I want to edit route restrictions (i.e. airlines can't fly to EU or US)? Thanks in advance.
in the data folder you'll find a file called data.sqlite.
To open this file I use 'DB browser for sqlite'.

Once you have opened the file, go to the tab called 'Browse Data', and select restriction in the dropdown menu.
Now you see a list of restrictions implemented in the game.

For a restriction between the US and the EU you need to add these 2 lines: (if you want the restriction to be both ways)

DD-MM-YYYY 00:00 | C122 | DD-MM-YYYY 00:00 | U101 | Flights | 0 | |
DD-MM-YYYY 00:00 | U101 | DD-MM-YYYY 00:00 | C122| Flights | 0 | |

Of course, replace DD-MM-YYYY with the actual date you want the restriction to take effect.
Use 01-01-1900 00:00 if you want it from the beginning of time.
Use 31-12-2199 00:00 if you want it to last until the end.

If you want more restrictions between specific countries, select 'country' in the dropdown menu.
Here you can check the IDs of each country. (Uid column)

Just add a C to the country ID and put it in the FromUnit and ToUnit columns. (format: C***)
The U stands for Unionunit, a combination of countries.
U101 is the EU as a whole.
U102 stands for the former Warsaw Pact,
U103 stands for NATO countries,
and U104 stands for Schengen countries.

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