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Decline of first class
My first post, but this might be interesting for historic data in game.

Would also allow for a shift in demand from first class to business for business pax.

Hi, welcome to the forum!
I'll take a look at it. Wink

Without reading the article, I think the problem lays elsewhere than the demand for first class dropping.

I think what we now perceive as Business class, is the service you got in First class in the 60's-70's/early B747 era.
The first class we know today is something we didn't know until the arrival of the A380.

I may be wrong, but I think they upgraded the classes and then went like 'nobody wants first class any more'.
Please correct me if I'm wrong. Smile
That is pretty much what the article says. It is not so much about less demand from the pax rather than airlines phasing it out due to barely any difference between first and business.

The super rich fly private and most companies will book business, nowadays even for senior management.

Thus in some way, there is a decline in demand which is due to a decline in differentiation.

However, to mimic it in the game, the easiest way might be to have first class demand decline from the passenger side and a shift towards business or "premium business" (though just business would avoid any additional class).

That would also allow for more business/prem. econ/ economy configurations without any significant drawback in the years after 2005 and onwards.

Only trying to find a way implementing this trend with as little impact on the porgramming side as possible.

Hope that clarifies a bit Smile

I see. I'll read the article this evening if I find some time. Smile

The way we implemented it for the next version is that if you (and your opponent) don't offer first class on the route, they try to fly business class. (or any lower class if they must)
This is also true if any class is full, they look for a lower class.

There are 2 things we have to add though:
-if you (and your opponent) make a class too expensive, the passengers will just not fly at all, rather than looking for a lower class.
-if you make the higher class not that much more expensive than the current class, passengers won't change their mind and still won't book the higher class.

I think with those features implemented we come close to your suggestion?
Sounds great to me!

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