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I've noticed a lack of any Saab aircraft in the game, for example the 340. 

This would be a good addition for regional airlines as they are quite cheap, especially compared to the q400 for example. 

The Saab 340 is available from 1984 to 1998.
Does this need change?

other Available Saab airliners are:
Saab 90 Scandia (1950 - 1954)
Saab 90A Scandia (1946 - 1954)
Saab 2000 (1992 - 1999)
Well, at the moment you should still be able to purchase the 340B in 2019.

This should be the case as their website indicates

At least i think Big Grin

(Whilst doing further research i realise that it may just mean that they still maintain the aircraft? Tbh i'm not quite sure, maybe i'm just salty because i wanted to get some Saab's for my regional airline in 2010 Tongue)
I think they stopped production in 1998-1999, but still handle the sales of second hand airliners.
And indeed that includes maintenance and improvements.

You should be able to buy them on the second hand market in 2010 I believe?

According to the German Wikipage, the airliner was in production until 2005.
While all other pages say it's until 1999, I might include the 'Saab 340B Plus' as the one in production until 2005?
That way I'm certain you should be able to buy them second hand in 2010.

I might add them as second hand only airliner (one of the new features. Smile ), as these probably are the upgraded second hand 340B's Saab is talking about.
I've done some further research and the Saab 340B Plus is not a retrofitted version/conversion.
It's just one of the upgrades made on the airliner.

I implemented the different versions:
340(A), 340B and 340B Plus.

Unfortunately nothing changed in regards to the production time for the airliner family.
However, I have added the second hand market to the todo list for review, so that some airliners are available longer, and some not so early on.
Sound Good!

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