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[Approved] CCCP & Western Airliners
Maybe to add some realism into the cold war, it could be implemented that no western airlines can be bought new and shipped to Countries in the Warsaw Pact, and vica versa?

This could add some interesting dynamic gameplay into that era, by either buying Soviet, or acquiring Used Western aircraft
That would be an interesting mechanic indeed.
I thought soviet airlines were allowed to buy western airliners in the late soviet era? But that could indeed be second hand only.
I'll do my research. Smile
Just a small example that there are still "instructions" from the state. 

--- ---

Are there still import duties on western airliners as it was before 1990?
So as it turns out the first western airliner delivered to a Russian airline was an A310 in 1992.
After that there must have been some import taxes because boeing once struck a deal to not pay these taxes. I have yet to find out approximately how much tax that would be.
The other way around, the USA imposed taxes on Sukhoi aircraft in September 2006.

I'm adding it to the to do list. Smile

edit: the sukhoi sanctions don't matter as they were lifted before sukhoi made civil commercial airliners.

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