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High Seat Fill, Losing Money
I've come across an issue which i reported a while ago. Just asking to confirm if this has been fixed for the new version.

To clarify: I'm running an a380 from Stockholm Arlanda to Doha Hamad, with 76% fill capacity, i know this isn't too high but surely it would still make money? If you would like i could send the save for you to look at.

That should make plenty of money. Balancing hasn't been done yet, but there are not that many costs implemented yet. So making money shouldn't be too hard.
The thing is that route has lost me $2,500,000
Thats a lot for a route that should earn you a bucket of cash.
I tested the route Stockholm to Hamad with an A380 (leased) and earned $162285,80 per day.

Start Year : 2019
Aircraft : A380-800 (leased)
Configuration : Standard
Fees : No fees for baggage
Service : No meals / drinks 

Departure Stockholm : 10:00h with activated "schedule return flight" 
Departure Hamad : 16:12h (automated)

Frequency : Daily

Filling Degree : Eco 94% - Premium Eco 92% - Business 25% - First Class 14%

What is different with your setup?
Sorry i'm late responding, i've been on holiday for a while.

I'll have to get back to you on that one. That save was on my laptop which i'll have to grab later in the week
Ok, so it's 2023, and i've attached a couple of screenshots which should clarify what's happening.

Route =
Overview =
Finances =
Stats =
Aircraft =
The problem is that both the fuel price and fuel consumption are calculated wrong at the moment.

The fuel price in v2.13 and earlier was implemented without taking notice of the inflation of money.
This is fixed in v2.14.

With this fix, the flight should make aprox. $60.000 each flight. (after paying the fuel, and before paying the other costs)
Besides this, I assume your loadfactors will look a bit better with the new filling degree calculation. Smile

The fuel consumption calculation will get a make over for v2.15.
In v2.13, v2.14 and earlier it simply takes the maximum capacity of the airliner as a factor.
In v2.15 it will use the actual take off weight compared to the maximum take off weight as a factor. (thus taking note of MTOW, OEW, Payload, ...)
As always, sounds good & keep up the good work!
Thanks for the support. Big Grin

Tomcatter, can you share the route finances window too?
I'm wondering if there is a calculation mistake when you're just leasing the airliner instead of owning it.
Or if money just inflates so much from 2019 to 2023 that operating the A380 becomes unprofitable.

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