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[Approved] some suggestions

I'm a fan of economy simulation games and I also played the "Airline Tycoon" game many years ago.
I discovered "The Airline Project" some days ago and spend several hours playing it since then.
There is a lot of potencial in this game. I want to thank you for your work and want to share some suggestions for future improvements.
  • The biggest problem of the game is the lack of information on the financial sector. I don't know if a price is reasonable because I don't know the costs on a route. There should be an basic calculation tool to help.
    Maybe you can also add a more detailed financial summary with an option to look back on previous months or years and a basic financial summary of the opponents.
  • Another problem is that the player doesn't know how many passengers he can except on a route. For example I started a route with "very high" demand but I ended up with just 5% filling degree on a daily flight as the only serving airline. Perhabs you can add a feature to conduct a passenger survey for a route (cheap) or the whole airport (expensive) to get a number of estimated passengers (+/-20%).
  • A passenger survey would also be great in case the player wants to know why passengers use his airline or not.
  • The slot management in the current version is very annoying. Maybe you can build a summary page with all booked slots at all airports on it and if they are in use. It would also help if it would be possible to create a flight plan for a new plane immediately after the order.
  • The airline market could be implemented as an expandable menu, e.g.:

    [+] Manufactor I[-] Manufactor II   - Plane A   - Plane B[+] Manufactor III
  • Also it would be nice to have some filters and an option to directly compare three plane models.
  • A "back" button like in a browser would be nice.
I hope my suggestions help you to tap the full potential of the game.

Thanks for playing our game and giving us this short report. It helps us see what our players consider priorities. Smile
Though, I'd start out by saying our game is still in the alpha phase, meaning that we know a lot of features are unfinished.

-We are aware that we have to give you a lot more information on the finances.

-There is a bug in v13 where very high demand routes still give low filling degrees in some cases. This is fixed in v14. Smile
Also, demand before 1960 is somewhat broken. Also fixed in v14.

-Passenger reviews should indeed come some time in the near future.
(as it is useful information to set prices, seat pitch, IFS, ...)

-You can see a list of airports where you have slots rented and how many free slots you have at these airports under: home/routes and destinations.
This page can use some improvements, but overall, it gives you the info you ask for.

-The airliner ordering indeed needs some improvements.

-a back button indeed sounds like a nice idea, I'm writing it down. Wink

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