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Hello , I just wanna ask ya'll how do you make a custom Manufacturer
First you have to install "DB Browser for SQLite". --- ---

Then run the "DB Browser", select "Open Database" and open the "data.sqlite". (the "data.sqlite" can be found under "Data" in your main TAP directory) 

Select "Browse Data" and click on the table "Airline". Look for "Manufacturer" and on the right side there is a button that allows you to enter a new record.

Name : What you want
ShortName : Should match with the logo name you created.

Logo : under "Data" -> "Graphics" -> "Manufacturerlogos"

Have fun  Smile
What about the seat plan files?

Can i get the SeatPlan format?
In the folder "airlinerconfigurations" you can write the configuration type for your seatplan.
Damn.Thanks AirBerliner

I made a new manufacturer and a Plane and it worked my first try

Thanks Smile
No problem Oultimate. Have fun with your own manufacturer.

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