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Some Ideas
Hello together,

me again with my thoughts for the game.


Actually we can only add cooperations with hotels, car rentals, travel agencies and taxi services. But these cooperationtypes are not the end nowadays. Since the May the 31 in 1992 for examle the Lufthansa cooperates with the Deutsche Bahn known as AIRail Service.
Other airlines offer their passengers the same service or allow them to book a train ticket to the flight ticket.

On the other hand airlines offer their premium passengers a premium shuttle service from the airport to the hotel or the office.

I know it from china airlines or ethiad or emirates, that their offer a stop-over programm with special prices for hotels or free sightseeing trips.


The selection of airport facilities is already good. In my opinion these could be extended with

  1. Baggage drop-off
  2. Premium Passengers Check-In Desks (First, Business, sometimes Prem Eco too)
  3. Fast lane for security check for premium passengers
  4. Shuttle Service between lounge and airplane gate

I find it a little tiring to change the "Seat Width" to change the number of seats in one row. I can't think for a reason, why different players should use different seat width for a 3-4-3 configuration. The only reason why we change the width is to change the number of seats in one row.
Why don't we go for a easier way?
Instead of choosing the seat width the player should choose the number of seats in one row. In the end the result would be the same.

I think the team hear it often, but I in my mind the seat assembly need a reworking in the future. Airline have nowadays staggered or fishbone similar seat arrangements.

In my mind it would be great if we could add cooperations or facilities for more than one airport in the same time. I think the most airlines will go for the same cooperations and facilities types with airports of the same size.
So that the player can do it very easy, it require two pages. One page for both - facilities and cooperation. On the left hand side their could be the airport list, where the airline have slots - with a filter for the airport size and on the other side their could be the list with the possible options. To select something, the player should be allowed to tick checkboxes.
With this option the player could see within one page which cooperations or facilities the airline have at the airports where the airline have slots.

With this change it could be possible in the future, to use others facilities within the alliance or allow codeshare partners to use the own facilities with or without restrictions.
Very good ideas and suggestions.  Smile

Seatmaps :

To increase or decrease the seat width would result in an improvement or deterioration of comfort. But the idea of choosing the number of seats in a row is very good.

More overview of facilities at several airports would be nice.
(07-27-2019, 09:28 AM)Tomcatter Wrote: Seatmaps :

To increase or decrease the seat width would result in an improvement or deterioration of comfort. But the idea of choosing the number of seats in a row is very good.

Okay, that is a point which I forgot. It could be done in this way, that choosing the number of seats in a row will always use the biggest possible width for the seats, so that the player only need to reduce the width if wanted. The benefit would be a faster and easier way to create the seat configuration and it would not matter, which seat type is selected.
Their is one think that I want to add in my request, if in a feature version the airline category (low cost or full service carrier) will be implemented:

After Emirates introduce the sky bar, other airline came up with the "self service kiosk". If the player could add a skybar or a self service kiosk (like swiss B777-300ER) in the airplane seatmap it could affect the service level of the airline.

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