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Self check
If you have self check do you still need to have check in desk?
You don't need anything of that to function at an airport.

The only time you need some facilities is when you want to make an airport your hub.
Or when your service center is full of course.
Quote:If you have self check do you still need to have check in desk?

Not everyone uses "self check in" and some still prefer the classic "check in" with real people behind the desk.

"Self check in" saving costs because you do not need staff (except for problems).
If you allow me, I would like to comment on it.

I could well imagine that in a future version, the cost of using check-in desks for passengers could be left to the player.
Cheap airlines could then take fees, whereas this service would be free with full-service carrier. That's how it works at airports.

However, that is only something if the service qualities of the airline would be differentiated.
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Well, the service level is already considered when passengers chose an airline to fly on.
But you're correct if you say that we have yet to implement these facilities in to that system.

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