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AI Seems to be absent
So, just got back from Holiday (Love the new updates btw Smile, and sad to see Pjank go Sad  ) 
~Started up a game as per usual, loaded up some AI carriers, soon noticed that they weren't creating any routes or buying aircraft.
Subsequently i started a new game with different AI at a different start date, And again the AI don't seem to be doing anything EXCEPT Spirit airlines who bought a DHC Twin otter Lmao, don't have any routes though. Game has been running for 9 months.


__Also: I seem to be able to click a month under December in the Calendar which can cause the game to crash.
AI Carriers: The same problem do I have. I get 95 % of all passengers, the rest is over 8 airlines (under 10 planes/Routes) The other airline do nothing only creating subsidiaries.
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AI isn't properly implemented yet indeed. Programming a good AI takes a lot of time.

The calender bug is interesting though.
Tjoeker, is there a possibility to add a simple AI in the next patch/version? Even if it's very basic, it makes the game so much more fun to play Smile
I haven't deleted the AI compared to v2.13, I have only made one small change to improve performance a lot.

In v2.13, I found the AI made lot of decisions every day. The decisions weren't very bright though.
It included opening routes between smallest airports or opening a route and closing it again after just one day. (even though the route was profitable)

I haven't changed anything to that. I just made it so that it makes decisions less frequent. (about 2-3 times per year)

I did this because it seems that every time the opponents changes something on its routes, it reschedules almost every route again.

Changing anything on the logic would require me to rewrite big parts of it.
So I'd rather just do it all in one go, when we have finished all the basics of the game. (we're rather close to that actually)

In short: no I won't update AI for the next update. Smile

Edit: Airberliner remarked that if you play with opponents with start data the issue is less prevalent.
Of course, they won't do a lot of changes to their routes still, but at least they do have routes. (if they have start data defined)

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