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Not able to sell aircraft
Hi Guys,

Today I was playing the newest version v2.14D, and all went fine. 
The only problem was, when i tried to sell an aircraft, it mentioned that it was still on a active route. I checked and the current and next season schedul was empty. I even waited till next season, but it still says it is used on an active route. Does anyone know how to fix this issue?


Ok, so I as I didn't want to lose my game, I opened up the savegame and looked around. In conclusion I found out that the airliner was still asigned to the pool, although it had no flights scheduled anymore. However it looked as if in the saved flight schedule in the savegame the airliner was still mentioned but just not used. 

For now, if anyone else runs in to this issue and you know how to work with SQLite: it is save to delete the "Airliners", "TimeTable" and "Flights" value's for your route. This way you can just restart to schedule your flights.
I'm currently fixing this.
If my tests are correct, you deleted it using the route / semi-automatic scheduler?

If the above is true, it's fixed.
Thanks for reporting!

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