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2.14 Patch E
We have a new patch.
It only contains one fix and some new data.

If you are using the Itch Desktop app, the download should happen automatically. If not you can check for a new update.

Or you can manually download the new version.


Changelog V2.14 Patch E

FIX: You can sell airliners again after clearing their schedule using the route scheduler.

DATA: Added all country relations for: Bahrain, Israel, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.
DATA: Updated American Airports near the Pacific Ocean (including Honolulu Airport) and Lelystad Airport.
DATA: Added missing airport: Bari.


For the next patch I will take another look at the bug Red Baron reported in the bug forum.
And then hopefully we can start making progress on V2.15 soon. (some minor progress has been made already)
I think the update overwrites the save games. Sad I lost all my save games after the update.

Kind Regards,

Ow, that's bad. Sorry.
I'll see what I can do about this in the future.

Savegames that were previously bugged won't be fixed by this update.
But I can see this being annoying because not all savegames are bugged.
I have started a new game and still can not sell my aircraft after I deleted the routes from its schedule.

The numbers of "Weekly Flights" in the "Routes" - "Routes" screen are correctly showing only 1 flight (this was 2 in 2.14D still counting the deleted flights as well). In the column "Airliners" it still says both the new and the old airliner, so this is still bugged. Also in the Monthly summery mail I noticed the profits on the route are much lower. I think because the cost of both planes are deducted even thought the fill rates are lower and consistent with only the Convair 240 and not both airliners). In the screen "Home" - "Fleet" the old airliner still has the routes listed under "Routes".

To help you with finding the cause I will explain what I did.

First I bought a Tudor in 1946. I ordered slots for a lot of airport for routes from AMS to all over Europe. Then I created all the routes and assigned them to the Tudor (for next season). This all on the first day of the game. I start the game and wait for the beginning of the season. When I get the message I start all the routes. So far no problems. After a year I bought a Convair 240 and when the plane is delivered I manually delete most (but not all) of the routes from the Tudor with the RMB - Delete option. I do this in BOTH "Current Season" and "All Year (next season)" and then I press "SAVE CHANGES". I assign all the removed routes to the Convair in the "Current Season" schedule. After this is done I remove the remaining routes from the Tudor in the same fashion as I did the first routes and assign them to another Tudor in the fleet in the same fashion.

When I noticed I could not sell the plane I even waited until the new season started, but still could not sell the airliner. I also pressed the "CLEAR SCHEDULE" button at the empty schedule of the Tudor at both "Current Season" and "All Year (next season)".

Hopefully this will help you find a fix as this is a game killing bug. If you need more info or save game files please let me know.

Kind Regards,

Hmm, I cannot recreate the issue myself.
Are you sure you saved before switching airliners?

If so, can you still recreate the bug in the latest patch (E2)?
I uploaded a new patch because something went wrong with the data.
I doubt something went wrong with the code upload, but who knows. Angel
I did a quick test by assigning flights to 1 plane then move 1 flight to second plane and I noticed when I removed the 1 flight and saved it, it kept saying the first plane was on the route even though the weekly flights was zero. After I assigned the flight to the second airliner I removed it later and that worked fine. So I removed all the flights from the first airliner and saved and all the flights still "stick" to the airliner in both the airliners column at the Routes-Routes screen and under routes at the Home-Fleet screen. Weekly flights were all zero (so correct).

It looks like its or the first plane or it might be I don't delete all flights. I will test some more later and will report back.

Kind Regards,

I can not find the cause of the issue. There must be something I do during the scheduling which confuses the game, but I can not consistently recreate the issue. Sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn't. I have the feeling it has to do with scheduling in both "Current Season" and "All Year (next season) and constantly switch between them when assigning routes to an airliner.

Hopefully I am the only person having this issue. I am going to try to start another game and hope I won't run into the issue again.

Kind Regards,

You can schedule both current season and next season at the same time.
Just schedule the flight for the current season and the game will ask whether you'd like it for the next season too.

That being said, switching back and forth between seasons shouldn't cause the issue.
Is there a fix for the game crashing while saving? Had this several times in every version, pretty frustrating Big Grin
The latest reported issue regarding saves isn't fixed yet.

If everything went ok, it should have happened less and less with each update. Correct? Smile
At least we fixed related issues with each update, and you just come across a new issue.

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