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Hello alltogether,

as child I play often Airline Tycoon, but this game isn't published anymore. Because of that I found "The airline project" and it is very nice to play. But the problems are very disappointing for me.

I know, that some routes are to long, for a 7 / 7 week schedule. So first of all I created one schedule for the first airplane (Boeing 787-900).

My week plan is:
Sunday: LAX-ORY at 8:20 + return
Monday: LAX-SIN at 12:35 + return
Tuesday: (backflight from Monday)
Wednesday: LAX-EZE at 5:35 + return
Thursday: LAX-CCS at 7:55 + return
Friday: LAX-HAN at 5:50 + return
Saturday: (backflight from Friday)

So that I can fly every route every day, I need seven airplanes. In the end it works for six airplanes, after I had to play a litte bit after the message "Some of the entries are overlapping each other."
On my last airplane my route LAX-SIN starts on Saturday and return on Sunday.

All routes are on the right day and have the right time, but the system wan't let me create the routes. I can chose between LAX-SIN or the other flights.

Which airliner do you use? I tested the routes with an A350-900. I would have had to postpone LAX-HAN (Friday) flight by 3 Hours. New departure time : 09:10 and it works.
At first I used the 777-300ER. Because I leased the airplanes for 5 years from the beginning and the 787 was introduce, I switch to 787-9

In the end it worked on 6 of 7 airplanes. Only the six airplane want let me do what should work.

The routes for the six airplane would be like:

Sunday: (backflight from Saturday)
Monday: LAX-EZE at 5:35 + return
Tuesday: LAX-CCS at 7:55 + return
Wednesday: LAX-HAN at 5:50 + return
Thursday: (backflight from Wednesday)
Friday: LAX-ORY at 8:20 + return
Saturday: LAX-SIN at 12:35 + return
Very strange. 15:35 works and before 15:35 it works not.
That is my problem. I can't understand, why it works on all days with the exception of Saturday

You're right. I test it few minutes ago and it works fine by me too, when the departure time is 15:35. I don't understand, what problem the system have. Between the flights are more than enough time and space.