Full Version: [Implemented] Searching Airport With Fleet Availability
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I would like to suggest that when looking at the airport tab, you could be able to select a plane in your fleet, and it would sort by airports within that planes' range. This would be beneficial when trying to find a route with maxed out range. Also, it would be nice if it showed you the distance from a selected airport (e.g one of your hubs.)

I sometimes experience an issue when trying to reply to posts in which it just brings up an error.

(I know that should go in bug reports but oh well)

We have something similar implemented on the airports tab: if you click 'advanced search' it lets you select an airliner from your fleet and any airport. Then the airport list is limited to the airports within the airliner's range.

We know it needs some polishing though. Wink

I'll have to take a look at the forum issue, but I'm afraid this is outside my knowledge.