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If the airport closes, from which own active routes starts, then it would be great, if these routes could be automatically transferred to the new airport, so that the player don't have to do this manually.

For example:

Doha International Airport -> Hamad International Airport
Berlin-Tegel Aiport -> Berlin-Brandenburg Airport
In the current version it does not work perfectly, but in the next version it will work correctly.  Smile
Oh, thanks for the information.

I thought, that the current version doesn't have this feature, because my Route from TXl-DOH was closed and was not transferred to the new Doha Airport.
In the game you can at least use Berlin-Brandenburg  Big Grin
Quote:In the game you can at least use Berlin-Brandenburg Big Grin

Savage. Big Grin
(06-16-2019, 04:43 PM)Tjoeker Wrote: [ -> ]
Quote:In the game you can at least use Berlin-Brandenburg  Big Grin

Savage.  Big Grin

That isn't very funny. And yes, in the game I want at least to make Berlin great again. Big Grin  For this reason I create my own "Germani International" Airline with 49 Boeing 787-8/9 and 41 international routes. If a future version will get an "Airline Group Feature", than I could create subsidiaries with codesharing. One Airline for long haul, one for short-/medium haul and one asia long haul for routes to Oceania, so that all planes are distributed.

This is my dream of my own airline group....but the AI is to silly for that. The AI airlines have already 100-530 planes and/or routes (not all used) and I have 49 planes and 41 routes and get over 20 % of flying passengers and over 8 % of arrivals with 29 opponents. The game will crash in the near future because of the ai.  Angry
Es ist wirklich traurig was mit dem Flughafen Berlin-Brandenburg passiert ist.

It is really sad what happened to the airport Berlin-Brandenburg.

Founding a subsidiary is possible but I think you more mean a company with different holdings?
Das mit dem BER ist wirklich traurig, da dieser ca. 10 Minuten mit Auto von mir entfernt liegt. Z.B. sind heute die Rosinenbomber fast über unser Haus geflogen.

Meine Idee ist eine Holding zu gründen und mehrere Airlines für unterschiedliche Anforderungen darunter anzusiedeln.

z.B. meine Germani International

Germani International Airline ist eine reine Langstreckenairline mit Boeing 787-8/9/10 ab Berlin-Tegel bzw. BER
Germani Europe ist die dazugehörige Kurz-/Mittelstreckenairline mit A320/A320neo, die die Zubringeflüge aus den Hauptstädten und Drittflughäfen in Europa erledigt.
Germani Asia ist eine reine Langstreckenairline mit Boeing 787-8/9/10 ab z.B. Bangkok, Singapur, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur und Peking, die die Weiterflüge nach Australien und Neuseeland händelt.

Um die einzelnen Passagiere untereinander weiterzuleiten, wäre z.B. Codeshare innerhalb der Gruppe notwendig. Hätte den Vorteil, dass jede Airline sich spezialisieren könnte und weniger Flugzeuge in der Übersicht hätte. Langstrecke eher Premium, wohingegen Kurz-/Mittelstrecke eher Lowcost a la Eurowings sein könnte.


My idea is to found an Airline Group, which have Airlines for different requirements.

Germani International Airline as long haul carrier with Boeing 787-8/9/10 from Berlin
Germani Europe as short and medium haul carrier with Airbus A320/A320neo from Berlin to Capitals and big/medium cities in European
Germani Asia as long haul carrier with Boeing 787-8/9/10 from e.g. Bangkok, Singapur, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur and Beijing for connected flights to Australia and New Zealand

For that it needed Codesharing or something like that within the group. In my opinion it has the advantage, that each airline could be specilized and had only few (30-60) airplanes in the overview. Long haul could be more premium as the short and medium haul could more low cost like Eurowings.
That should be possible at some point. But first we need to implement connecting passengers. Wink