Full Version: [Denied] Engine Options
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(I dunno if its already suggested, if yes, just delete this Post) 

(First..., Great game. Really, i love it and i suggested it to a few friends wich like it too)

Hey there, Developer, i hope you´re having a nice day,I just wanted to make a few suggestions and give you a little feedback from my side. To hold it short i´ll just say what i was thinking. Do you guys have planns to implement Engine Options ? I.e Rolls Royce or CFM or GE or whatever its out there. Would of couse be much research, and if you need a bit help, i would offer me to help. im not good at Computer things like Programming etc, but if you need research help or stuff like that.... okay, next point. What about, if we take less Seats in a... lets say A319 and so increase its range like British Airways do with thair and fly to JFK. or a 757 on LR. I dunno if thats possible, but in time like ULR from Singapore to Newark or Perth London... Quantas have taken out much seats of their 787 so its possible to make this flight working. Ah yeah, and if its Possible, it would offer a whole lot fo much opportunities to the Player. 
I really like your game and if i have the opportunity to help you or even just do reasearch. I´ll do it.

Thats all I wanted to say, have a nice weekend, Ben
Engine options are unfortunately not on the list at the moment. It adds in complexity on many different levels like programming, gameplay, research and balancing.
I bet the research for modern engines is not impossible, but for the older airliners it will require a lot of guesswork. Wink

A dynamic range and fuel consumption is on the to do list for one of the next versions.

Thanks for trying and recommending our game. You too have a nice weekend!