Full Version: Flight Expence
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Hallo together,
First it's a very nice Game and sorry for my English.
I'm run the latest TAP Version on a Win 10 System. Leased a A320 and create a Route from FRA to LHR with 4 flights everyday. After the routes are confirmed I start it. The filling degree is about 90 Procent and I don't change the Tickets price. After 1 Day it shows over 20 Millons flight Expence and after 1Week so I have over 100Millions only Flight Expence. I testet several Airports and Startyears but the Result ist the same. When I startet a Cargo Airline it seems normal and I can make Profit. Can anyone Help?
Thank You
Hello Alfred 68 and welcome to the forum.

Have you adjusted any settings on the "OnBoard Service", like serving Soft Drinks or something?
Can you send us a save file where this is the case?
I tested it myself and made a ~$68 000 profit on the first day with 4 daily flights between FRA-LHR, no IFS and standard settings. Smile

And if you prefer, you can continue in German.
I'm sure Tomcatter will be able to help you out. Smile