Full Version: Forum spammers
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Since there are so many spammer bots, it would be an Idea to use reCAPTHA instead of CAPTHA. It is the newer version of stopping bots. It should be easy to install.
Great idea and thanks for the input. I have (tried to) installed it now so it should work for now. I hope it helps

is there maybe something else that we can try to block forum bots?
They are getting quite annoying.

allow users to delete them?
I have added a new spam filter which looks for specific words in thread and then autobans the poster. I added it late yesterday and it looks like no spam since then. So I hope that works
most of the spams have urls as titles
I have added that to the spam filter since I don't think "normal" users will place an url in the topic
Looks like the new filter works Smile