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Regional Aircraft Developments - kwilson92 - 03-05-2019

Here's a thought.

I have always been interested in the development of modern Russian Airliners.

I have flown on many former soviet aircraft with no issues, inclusing my favourite, A Yak-42.

Russia started to develop modern short range airliners for the global market starting with the Sukhoi SSJ-100 Series.

But looking at the stats the new Irkut MC-21 Series aircraft seem a better investment overall than the new Bombardier C Series/Airbus A220 Series.

Maybe more global airlines should look to Russia for a small airline insteadof the established market of Airbus and co


RE: Regional Aircraft Developments - Tjoeker - 03-07-2019

I flew the SSJ-100 from BRU to EDI 2 years ago. I was so pleased with the comfort it offered. Cool
But it turns out the SSJ-100 has a lot of technical issues. Brussels Airlines got rid of them because of that.
And not their lessor CityJet is abandoning them as well.

So I think the Russians have a bit of reputation to rebuild first. (although this is a different company)
I think it will be a success in former Soviet countries and countries under Russian and Chinese influence.

I also think it isn't a competitor for the A220, but rather the A320 and B737?
The MC-21 family is a scale larger than the A220 and flies further.. Wink

RE: Regional Aircraft Developments - kwilson92 - 03-08-2019

I guess but even still they could easily compete and imo look so much better than the A319 at least