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United Breaks Guitars - Aether - 03-22-2019

RE: United Breaks Guitars - Tjoeker - 03-23-2019

The video is unavailable here.
I considered flying with my bike in the cargo hold last summer and I was actually afraid of this.
I ended up sending my bike by road with a bike transport service just to be sure. Smile

RE: United Breaks Guitars - Aether - 03-23-2019

Ah sorry, you can use a VPN to see it.
It's a music clip by a guy who had his guitar broken, he tried for a long time to get compensated without success, so he just ended up making this hilarious song about the airline breaking his guitar.
United Breaks Guitars being the name of the song you might be able to find it somewhere else if you search for it.
Good fun.