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Flight Expence - Alfred 68 - 09-11-2019

Hallo together,
First it's a very nice Game and sorry for my English.
I'm run the latest TAP Version on a Win 10 System. Leased a A320 and create a Route from FRA to LHR with 4 flights everyday. After the routes are confirmed I start it. The filling degree is about 90 Procent and I don't change the Tickets price. After 1 Day it shows over 20 Millons flight Expence and after 1Week so I have over 100Millions only Flight Expence. I testet several Airports and Startyears but the Result ist the same. When I startet a Cargo Airline it seems normal and I can make Profit. Can anyone Help?
Thank You

RE: Flight Expence - Tomcatter - 09-11-2019

Hello Alfred 68 and welcome to the forum.

Have you adjusted any settings on the "OnBoard Service", like serving Soft Drinks or something?

RE: Flight Expence - Tjoeker - 09-11-2019

Can you send us a save file where this is the case?
I tested it myself and made a ~$68 000 profit on the first day with 4 daily flights between FRA-LHR, no IFS and standard settings. Smile

And if you prefer, you can continue in German.
I'm sure Tomcatter will be able to help you out. Smile