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Hello - pjank42 - 02-15-2020

Hi guys,

I must say that I really love what you are doing with the game, and I look forward to follow the progress of The Airline Project - NEXT GEN :-)

I wish you the best of luck with the development and hope soon you will kick off your kickstarter campaign

RE: Hello - Tjoeker - 02-15-2020

Hey Christian, great to see you around! Smile

RE: Hello - hei28ssk - 04-21-2020

pjank42 did you step down from developping the game or something? I sure have missed a lot of things happening on here

RE: Hello - Tjoeker - 04-21-2020

Yes, he left development back in August last year to spend more time with family and other hobbies.
I'm sure he knows that if he feels like joining the team again he's more than welcome. Smile