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IFE Depth - Tivapularz - 08-17-2020


I just had another thought while playing the game. I was amazed by the depth which goes into the service profiles and also the detail in which you can choose which monitors are build into the seats ect.

I just came up with the idea, that you also have to license what will be shown in the IFE. Movies, Series, Music, ect. Maybe a list of fictional movies would do the trick. The newer and popular the movie you have in the IFE, the better is the passenger satisfaction.

RE: IFE Depth - Tjoeker - 08-17-2020

Hey, that's a great idea. Smile
I will probably let you decide on a quantity, quality and how recent the media should be.
I will likely dumb down the IFS to the same way too. As it currently hits performance too hard.